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Canada Blower HPBA Turbo Pressure Blower is designed for applications requiring lower volumes and higher air pressures. This Canada Blower pressure blower is constructed with an aluminum radial air handling fan wheel and is designed to handle clean air applications for temperatures up to 200°F (93°C).

Canada Blower HPB series of fans are low volume, high-pressure blowers designed for stable operation throughout their operating range. Multiple blower outlet sizes and wheel diameters allow the most efficient selections across a wide range of operating points. These Canada Blower units incorporate a high efficiency blower wheel design at an economical price.

Typical Applications are:

• Pneumatic conveying
• Chemical processes
• Exhausting
• Thermal oxidation
• Combustion air
• Aeration
• Air knives
• Seal air

Where the production capacity has increased, or needs to be increased, the cooling system may form a bottleneck. A fan replacement offers the following advantages over a system extension:

  Fan capacity can be quickly and easily increased.
  No extra space is required.
  There is no need to shut down the complete cooling system. Cell-by-cell replacement means continuous operation can be maintained.
  Limited investment is required.
  Staged implementation is possible, to test the results in practice before proceeding with a full scale investment with a clear return.
  Noise is reduced at source through the use of super-low noise or ultra-low noise cooling fans.
  Noise reductions of up to 18 dB(A) can be achieved without any reduction in the cooling performance.
  On some occasions, noise reduction can be combined with an increase in performance.

Canadian Blower is capable of offering the following services:

  Initial assessment of the possibilities.
  Thorough performance analysis to confirm the initial findings.
  Detailed report on the proposed equipment selection and projected fan performance enhancement.
  Site measurements followed by a detailed engineering phase.
  Project management to ensure that delivery is to specification and on time.
  Installation and commissioning by experienced Howden supervisors.
  Performance measurements to confirm the result.