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Canada Blower Single Width BI fan, a reliable industry staple for decades, is now readily available as a standard pre-engineered series with Backward Inclined fan wheels. Add up the features and you have one tough fan. Canada Blower's Backward Inclined fan wheel has ideal characteristics for dust collectors and other variable pressure systems. The smooth, stable air flow over the performance range is the result of Canada Blower tried and true wheel design with hyperbolically spun wheel cone. This allows variable pressure applications to remain in the stable area of the pressure curve longer with a large increase in static pressure.
Canada Blower propylene inline explosion proof fans is an economical and efficient tool for laboratory & industrial chemical fumes exhaust:
- Spark-resistant Propylene material of fan construction;
- Explosion-proof blower motors available;
- Resistant to virtually all chemicals, more than FRP & SST fans;
- Round fan inlet and outlet for easy duct connection;
- Roof and wall fan mounting options;
- Motor outside of fan airstream;
- Very quiet, low maintenance and attractive blower design;
- Available ventilator accessories: adjustable dampers, duct reducers, SST impellers, weather hoods, roof unit kits, vibration isolators, flexible connectors...
...small direct drive vaneaxial fans, 6" to 10" DIA for up to 1,700 CFM, to 1.25" WG pressure;
...explosion-proof, 2-speed, 1800 & 3600 RPM fan models are available;
...light aluminum spark-resistant ventilator construction;