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PD Blowers


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Canada Blolwer specializes in the following air moving systems / industrial HVAC ventilation equipment:
- paint room ventilation systems;
- spray booth explosion proof exhaust equipment;
- vehicle exhaust fan extractors;
- packaged stationary and mobile dust collectors;
- air supply / exhaust systems for industrial plants;
- process air cannons and air knife blowers;
- fume eliminators;
- HVAC systems repair and balancing;
- industrial blow-off systems.   
- Pollution Control / Environmental Sites Aeration Systems;
- Liquid Blow-Off, Process Drying and Cooling / High Penetration Air-Knives;
- Pneumatic Conveying / Material Handling Systems;
- Combustion Air Supply / Industrial Ovens;
- Automotive: Blow-Off Systems / Spary Booths;
- High Temperature Air / Gas Transfer Systems - Petrochemical, Gas and Oil Industries.

Canada Blower TBR Turbo Pressure Blower is used for applications requiring lower volumes and higher air pressures. This unit is used primarily for handling air, gas, and fumes relatively free of dust and materials. Typical ventilator applications include combustion air, glass blowing, furnace blowers, chemical processing, gas boosting, and a host of process applications.

Type TBA and TBR fans from Canada Blower are constant pressure, variable volume blowers. Canada Blower turbo pressure blowers are generally used in applications for relatively low volumes and high pressures. They are used primarily for handling air, gas, and fumes relatively free of dust and materials.

Canada Blower’s TBA and TBR turbo blowers provide uniform pressure through the operating range. Stable operation can be maintained from free delivery to shutoff by throttling at the discharge. The design volume of a particular fan can be varied by selecting one of the various wheel options that will fit within the housing. Canada Blower Turbo blowers are most often sold as Arrangement 4 direct connected packages.

Typical Applications for Canada Blower turbo blowers:

• Glass blowing
• Drying applications
• Air compression
• Combustion air
• Furnace blowers
• Cooling
• Chemical processing
• Gas boosting
• Chip blowing
• Process systems

The blowers are designed for continuous duty in high pressure applications as they feature:

• Stable operation from free delivery to shutoff when dampered at the fan discharge with blast gate
• Uniform pressures throughout the operating range
• Compact, efficient low-cost arrangement

Type TBA blower:

• Wheel: air handling type with backward inclined blades for high-efficiency
• Capable of handling relatively high volumes and pressures
• Volumes from 300 CFM to 17,000 CFM
• Pressures from 6" SP to 70" SP

Type TBR pressure blower:

• Blower wheel: radial bladed with backplate and shroud for low volumes and high pressure
• Volumes from 100 CFM to 8,000 CFM
• Pressures from 6" SP to 100" SP

Canada Blower Wheel Construction: All wheels are made with care to insure maximum strength and reliability. Canada Blower wheels have a self-centering, all steel taper-lock bushing. Lock screw holes are provided for positive convenient wheel removal without special tools. Wheels are statically and dynamically balanced on the most modern electronic equipment. Every pressure blower unit is given a final running mechanical test and trim balance before shipment.

TBA (Turbo Pressure Air Handling Blower) - The turbo air handling wheel is a more efficient type of wheel and is used for relatively high volumes of air. The wheel is constructed with heavy-gauge, backwardly inclined blades welded to a spun cone and heavy-gauge backplate. The backplate uses a taperlock hub for easy wheel removal and self-centering reinstallation. The TBA wheel is generally suitable for clean air applications.

TBR (Turbo Pressure Radial Blade Blower) - The turbo radial bladed wheel is designed for lower air volume at high pressures. The radial blades provide stable airflow over a wide range of airflows. The all-welded wheel uses a taperlock hub for easy removal and self-centering reinstallation. The TBR wheel is generally suitable for clean air applications.