Industrial heating and cooling finned coils, heat exchangers steam and hot water coils, chilled cold water coils, OEM industrial process ventilating, fan-coil unit heaters and coolers.

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HC Hot Water, CW Chilled Water Coils are designed to mount on the inlet of the duct fan or inside the ventilation duct.  The coils utilize lead free construction - safe for use with potable water systems.
Aluminum fin on copper tube construction.
All coils are factory leak tested to 500 p.s.i.
Hot Water Coils are 2 row, Chilled Water Cooling Coils and Direct Expansion Coils are 4 row.
Convenient for both new and renovation installations.
Suitable for remote installation inside ventilation ducts.
Filtered Roof Supply Fans - Canada Blower SIS Series ventilators:
- Mill galvanized steel fan housing with zinc coated DIDW fan;
- Sealed and permanently lubricated ball bearings;
- 1" aluminum mesh removable & cleanable fan filters;
- Adjustable pitch belt drive ventilators;
- Avaialble Canada Blower fan accessories: 2" filters, backdraft & motorized dampers, intake extention, epoxy paint for extra protection, factory wired disconnect switch...