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Centrifugal fans (centrifugal blowers) are a common type of fan used in consumer and industrial products to move air or other gases. A centrifugal fan consists of three main components: a motor, a fan blade, and an enclosure.

All of these components can be designed to accommodate an application. Some common design criteria are the size of the motor, the shape of the fan blade, the direction of rotation, and the materials of construction.

The rotating fan blade creates a low-pressure area at the center of the blade and a high-pressure area at the edges of the blade along with adding kinetic energy to the air. The low pressure area at the center of the fan creates a vacuum that draws air into the fan. The air flows from the center of the fan to the outside edges of the fan and then, ultimately, out of the enclosure around the impeller in the desired direction. The flow path makes a 90 degree turn in most cases which is accounted for in the design of the overall system.

Both centrifugal fans and axial fans are commonly used in industrial environments, but they have very different performance characteristics.

Canada Blower Axial fans are used in applications where a large flow rate is required with minimal drop in pressure. Axial fans pass air straight through the blades instead of creating a 90-degree turn in the direction of flow. If there is not a large pressure drop in the application, the axial fan can be preferable due to form, fit, & function.

In industrial contexts, Canada Blower axial fans are often used in equipment to exchange heat through environmental air such as Air-Cooled Condensers, Cooling Towers and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers. Examples include:

    Field erected cooling towers often utilized in industrial processes and in power generation facilities.
    Package cooling towers which are mainly used in HVAC applications.
    Air-cooled condensers which are a critical component in power plants and typically utilize large diameter fans.
    Air cooled heat exchangers (ACHE) which are used primarily in process industries (petrochemical, oil refining and gas compression).
    Forced ventilation systems.

Centrifugal fans are typically placed in areas of little to no natural ventilation and are attached to a duct system, making them ideal for larger spaces.