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Canada Blower Power Tube Fan make-up air system reperesnts very effective way to bring in fresh air from outside and distribute it in the plant:
- Six different fan sizes available;
- Solves fresh air problem by providing make-up air;
- Saves money  by reclaiming wasted building heat;
- Fans come with reinforced fire-retardant polyethylene air distribution tube;
- Mixes cold outside air with warm inside air near the plant seiling before it reaches floor level;
- Specially designed and spaced discharge holes produce high velocity turbulent jets of air which ensures outside air tempering at short distance.
- The most standard fan installation features outside wall intake with motorized intake damper and intake weather hood;
- Alternative installation includes roof intake & air plenum;
- Various Canada Blower ventilator accessories available, such as: motorized shutter, weather hood, opposed-blade face & bypass fan damper with modulating motor, birs screen.