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Fiberglass Fans and Blowers: Canada Blower Co. is a major supplier of plastic and fiberglass fans and blowers for industry applications where aggressive media must be moved. Plastic fans include polypropelene, PVC, PVDF, fire retardant and UV resistant PPs.
Applications for Corrosion and Chemical Resistant Canada Blower Fans include:
* University, Medical Research, Defence Labs, Fume Hoods OEMs, Pharmaceutical Labs
  On most campuses there is a certain number of fume hoods that are used for various acids testing to break down materials for analysis. HCl and Perchloric Acid are the ones used most commonly. Fume hoods and Chemical resistant fans are needed.
* High Technology Semiconductors, PCBs, and Photonics
  Chip makers use acids to clean metal before they mount thin film on the metal upon which they lay circuitry.
* Printed Circuit Board Industry
  FRP fans are frequenly used for clean rooms.
* Waste water and Sewage Treatment Plants
  Hydrogen Sulfide builds up (H2S) in sewage plant facilities and causes an odor problem that has to be treated. Depending on the size of these stations corrosion resistant fans are needed. This gas can also be very volatile and will require explosion proof motor and static grounding of the fan housing by graphite impregnation that Canada Blower can provide too.
* Salt Air and High Humidity Environments
  Any facility near the salt air is also a good place for plastic fans and the humidity will eat through metal fans.
* Steel and Wire Manufacturing
  As the steel comes in and sits at these plants impurities and scale develop on the steel or the wire that needs to be cleaned off before the wire or steel can be properly worked with. Acid baths are needed for this and the corrosive fumes coming off these aced baths are highly corrosive...
* Stainless Steel and other Metal Production Facilities
  In the annealing and Pickling process acid baths are used to strip scale off the steel after the annealing process that smoothed out grain patterns that may have formed during the annealing process. Later on acids are used again to support oxidation.
* Chemical and Petrochemical Industries
* Jet Engine and Power Plant Turbine Manufacturing or Servicing
  Molted Salt tanks are often used here to descale metals coming out of hot furnaces. Pickling and cleaning of titanium which is used in Jet engine parts also utilize acid baths as does nickel plating.
* Electroplating and Metal Finishing
  These industries use fiberglass fans and fume scrubbers.
* Scrubber OEMs and Designers
  FRP fans are standard components in fiberglass srubber designs.
* Industrial Galvanizers
* Printing Press Service Shops
* Chromatography
* Food Processing
  Often in the food processing industry they wash equipment down with acids and other corrosives. Also they use fans for the humidity that builds up from the drying process of foods.
* Pulp and Paper Industry
  Pulp and paper manufacturers are very wide users of fiberglass blowers and other plastics fans for their boilers, exhaust and filtration systems.
Canada Blower fans are the finest quality blowers available for efficient movement of corrosive, humid, or polluted air, gases, and fumes. These fire-retardant and corrosion-resistant plastic fans are specially designed and especially suited for hostile applications where coated metal blowers typically corrode. Canada Blower fans are proven thoughout the world and clearly recognized for superior quality, reliability, and efficiency.
High-efficiency impellers result in low power consumption, operating costs, and quieter operation. All metal hardware is completely sealed from exposure to corrosion by incapsulating into FRP or plastic; the steel support frame and motor base are powder coated with a corrosion-resistant finish. In addition to being highly resistant to chemical corrosion, PP fans are self-extinguishing and will not support combustion.
Canada Blower fiberglass fans housings are manufactured from premium grade, fire resistant resins that provide excellent corrosion resistance in most chemical environments. Canada Blower FRP impellers are made of premium vinyester that combines corrosion resistance with structural integrity under the stress of fan rotation.