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Canada Blower Vane Axial fans are specified by architects, engineers and industrial firms world-wide to meet today’s environmental challenges. Canada Blower Vane axial fans are chosen for their reliability, low initial cost and space saving configuration. Canada Blower’s variable air volume fans provide maximum efficiency even in unpredictable environments.

Controllable Pitch fans respond automatically to changes in temperature, humidity, air flow, gas concentration and air quality. Clearly the best choice for variable air volume systems, they are also used in sensitive industrial applications to maintain constant conditions regardless of air demand.

Canada Blower Adjustable Pitch vane axial fans are specified for applications less critical to environmental variations, typically seasonal changes or system expansion. Fan blade pitch is adjusted externally at the hub to increase or decrease ventilator volume and pressure.

An inlet bell reduces entry loss and is necessary to obtain rated fan performance on open inlets. The inlet bell, or a casing extension, must be used with Controllable pitch fans. Heavy gauge spinning bolts to inlet flange, but is not designed to support the fan.

Since a vaneaxial fan can have a diameter about 20 % smaller than the duct, a tapered cone is used to connect with either the fan inlet or outlet. An inlet cone may also be used on open fans to avoid large velocity pressure loss. The flanged, punched cone bolts to fan and duct and will support fan in any position except cantilever.

For decreased maintenance, fan assembly will include permanently lubricated ball thrust bearings for each blade. Compatibility of turn down to zero flow shall be required when indicated. Loss of control signal or de-energizing fan will cause ventilator blades to rotate to minimum air flow position.

Actuator consists of pneumatic piston with spring return mounted integrally and rotating with fan rotor assembly. Supply air is 80 PSI and is transferred to piston by a rotating union. Pilot positioner, suitable for 3-15 PSI control signal, is mounted externally and feedback signal is provided by cable connection to piston.

High temperature fans,  high pressure process pressure fan blowers, regenerative pressure blowers; wall and roof exhaust and supply power ventilators, centrifugal and axial fans and blowers.