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Canada Blower CBD centaxial fan is designed for continuous duty operation in air moving systems handling clean air. Typical fan applications are industrial space ventilation exhaust or supply, industrial fume ventilation (where a suitable coating has been applied if the fumes are corrosive), air make-up, air conditioning, evaporative cooling, heat recovery systems, or as an exhaust fan on the clean air side of certain types of dust collectors and air scrubbers.

Canada Blower CBD features Canada Blower BI backward inclined airfoil fan wheel for non-overloading blower performance, high operating efficiency and low fan noise. The CBD Canada Blower ventilator provides straight-through airflow and can be installed directly in a straight duct having the same size and shape fan inlet and outlet.

Canada Blower Tubular Centrifugal Fans:

For tubular centrifugal fans with factory mounted motors, Canada Blower offers Arrangement 4. Arrangement 4 is direct drive fan, where the impeller is overhung on the motor shaft. The motor is supported within the fan casing. Canada Blower  fans are typically available for either horizontal or vertical mount fan configurations.

For belt drive tubular centrifugal fans, you have Arrangement 9. This is where the impeller is overhung on a shaft supported by bearings mounted within the casing. This fan is also designed for mounting in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. The motor on this Arrangement 9 fan is mounted external to the fan casing.

Axial Fans:

Like the centrifugal fans, the AMCA standard addressing axial fan drive arrangements is also an ISO standard. The choice for direct drive axial flow fans is Arrangement 4.

Arrangement 4 is direct drive blower where the impeller is overhung on the motor shaft. There are no bearings on the fan and the motor is mounted on a base or integrally mounted to the fan housing.

Axial Belt Drive Fans:

For axial flow belt drive, your definition is Arrangement 9. In this fan arrangement, the impeller is overhung on a shaft with two bearings mounted either upstream or downstream of the impeller. The motor is mounted to the fan casing or on a base that is integral to the fan casing.
Never before has the need for adequate workspace ventilation been clearer to safety experts. Factories, warehouses, mines, offices and all other places where workers spend their time must be adequately ventilated and heated or cooled in order to minimize risks to air quality and maximize comfortable conditions, which contribute to productivity.