Industrial OEM fans, high pressure blower, ventilators, high temperature fans and blowers, centrifugal O.E.M. radial pressure blowers, roof and wall exhaust and supply fan blowers and oem fan ventilators.

Canadian blower fans
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Canada Blower Ltd. is a designer and supplier of the following ventilation and air moving systems:
- Replacement air moving installations;
- Fume extraction and fume collection equipment;
- Fan / blower repair and balancing;
- Industrial ventilation exhaust and air make-up systems;
- Blow-off and industrial air-knife / air cannon insallations;
- Mobile air circulators, mancoolers and dust collectors.
- air / gas transfer systems;
- pneumatic conveyors;
- dust collectors;
- scrubbers;
- air knives / pressure blowers;
- custom air curtains.

We do custom design / installation of:
- fume extraction and fume collection equipment;
- blow-off & industrial air-knife / air cannon systems;
- dust collectors;
- gas scrubbers;
- air / gas transfer systems;
- custom air curtains.
The heart of Canada Blower AF centrifugal fan is the airfoil wheel, the most efficient type for clean air applications. This fan has an enviable reputation for performance and reliability in a multitude of ventilating applications, including industrial supply or fume exhaust systems. The Canada Blower single width airfoil fan is a rugged fan built to Canada Blower's industrial level of quality and long-term dependability.

Single-width fans are offered in Sizes 13 to 89, with pressures to 20" WG and volumes to 220,000 CFM. Ventilator construction flexibility is one ofthe strengths of the fan, available in several AMCA arrangements, including 1, 3, 8and 9 to meet any installation requirement. Canada Blower also offers an alternate Design 51RA fan series especially suited for lower pressure ventilating applications.

Canada Blower TBN Turbo Pressure Blower is used for applications requiring lower volumes and higher air pressures. This blower is constructed with an aluminum radial air handling wheel and is designed to handle clean air applications for temperatures up to 200°F (93°C). Canada Blower TBN series of fans are low volume, high-pressure blowers designed for stable operation throughout their operating range. Multiple outlet sizes and blower wheel diameters allow the most efficient selections across a wide range of operating points. These blowers incorporate a high efficiency fan wheel design at an economical price.

Typical Blower Applications:

• Pneumatic conveying
• Chemical processes
• Exhausting
• Thermal oxidation
• Combustion air
• Aeration
• Air knives
• Seal air Capabilities
• Static pressures to 128" w.g.
• Airflow capabilities to 20,000 CFM
• High temperature applications to 600°F

Canada Blower TBA Aluminum Blower Wheel - The TBNA Blower offers a radial air handling wheel of riveted aluminum construction. This fan wheel is available in both narrow “N” and wide “W” widths for sizes up to 26" diameter for optimum performance and high efficiency. The TBNA pressure blower is designed to handle clean air applications with temperatures up to 200°F. The TBNA fan impeller is a non-reversible design.
Canada Blower TBS Steel Blower Wheel - The TBNS Blower is an all welded radial design steel wheel that is available in a variety of special materials. This blower impeller is available in both narrow “N” and wide “W” widths for sizes up to 26" diameter to meet specific performance requirements. Canada Blower TBN pressure blower is designed to handle fumes, light particulates, and temperatures up to 600°F. The TBNS design is less efficient than the TBNA and requires a BHP correction. The TBNS fan wheel is a reversible design.