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Canada Blower MHO Industrial Radial Paddle Fan: The open type radial paddle fan wheel design is extremely rugged using heavy-gauge steel components which are jig assembled for accuracy and consistency. All blower wheels are welded with care to insure the maximum in strength and reliability. MHO fan wheels are suitable for general handling of coarse, sticky, heavy, and / or abrasive materials.

Canada Blower MHR Industrial Radial Paddle Fan: The MHR wheel is similar to the MHO blower wheel, with the addition of end rings. MHR blower construction is standard on size 26 and larger Class 3 fans. MHR blower wheels are suitable for general handling of coarse, sticky, heavy, and/or abrasive materials.

Canada Blower MHA Industrial Radial Air Handling Fan: The MHA wheel is a more efficient type of blower wheel and is used when handling relatively clean air, fumes, vapor exhaust, and air with a light contaminant. The fan wheel is constructed with heavy-gauge blades welded to both backplate and front ring.
Canada Blower MHW Industrial Radial Backplate Wool Wheel: The MHW blower wheel is constructed to prevent paper shreddings, threads from buffing system exhaust, and other similar matter from hanging up on and wrapping around the spiders and fan blades. Fan applications include long, stringy or fibrous materials.

MHP Industrial Radial Paper Handling Wheel: This modified Canada Blower MHW fan wheel features trapezoidal gussets for the extra rugged construction necessary when handling corrugated paper trims, fibrous material, metal trim, and other high impact loading material. A paper deflector cone over the face of the hub helps prevent wrapping of paper around the hub or leading edge of the blower blades. All Canada Blower MHP fans are supplied with bearing stop blocks and a relieved inlet transition. The relieved inlet transition smooths the flow of paper trim and similar material through the fan.